Mizuko Ito

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M.A. Anthropology, Ph.D. Education, Ph.D. Anthropology, Stanford University

慶應義塾大学  政策メディア研究科
252-8520 神奈川県藤沢市遠藤 5322

Visiting Scholar
Annenberg Center for Communication, University of Southern California
734 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90089-7725




伊藤はアメリカと日本両国で育ち、日米関係、日本のインターカルチュラリズムに対して学術的にも個人的にも興味を持っています。中学、高校時代西町インターナショナルスコールとアメリカンスクールインジャパンに通いました。個人プロジェクトとして、日本のインターカルチュラルコミュニティーをのためのウェブサイト、chanpon.orgを 設立しています。


「Cyborg Babies」、「Internet Culture」,「Clicking In」、「Intercommunication」、さらに学術雑誌「Computer Supported for Cooperative Work 」「Computers and Society」に論文を掲載している。ライシャワー財団、スペンサー財団、メロン財団、the National Science Foundation (米国学術振興会)、国際交流基金、the Social Science Research Council(米国社会学研究協議会)、 Phi Beta Kappa北カリフォルニア協会より 研究助成金を授与されてきた。

Research and Projects

Japanese Technoculture: Mobile Phones and Media Mixes
My primary research currently is on Japanese popular culture and new media technology. I am focusing on two areas. One is mobile phones and the politics of location. I have a research group at Docomo House at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, and am doing some writing for The Japan Media Review on this topic. My most recent paper draft, with Daisuke Okabe, is about youth, mobile phones, and place.

My other area of research is media mixing in Japanese animation related popular culture. I gave a talk for the Abe Fellowship Program that has supported this research, and there are a few more papers in the "writings" section of this web site.

Children's Software
My doctoral work in Education and Anthropology looked at the production and consumption of children's software. I did fieldwork at the Fifth Dimension After-School Clubs on how kids played with educational games, and I interviewed game producers. My Education dissertation focused on the content of the games and play. My Anthropology dissertation Engineering Play, analyzed "multimedia genres" of edutainment, entertainment, and authoring, that cross- cut production, distribution, marketing, and play.

Japanese Interculturalism
My personal passion is using the Internet to support the Japanese intercultural community. I started a Japan/US bicultural network community, chanpon.org in 1999, and it has evolved into its current form as community site and multi-author blog. We are looking for writers and community members!

Broadening Access: An Ethnography of SeniorNet
In 1998 and 1999, I conducted an ethnographic study with SeniorNet , a national network of computer using seniors. Fellow researchers: Annette Adler, Charlotte Linde, Elizabeth Mynatt, and Vicki O'Day. Research conducted at The Institute for Research on Learning (IRL), The Broadening Access Research Project Page reports on the result of this study.

I have also done an ethography of a combat MUD, produced a CD-ROM for the Fifth Dimension Project, run my own experimental afterschool computer club, and worked briefly at Apple Computer and Xerox PARC. You can see it all on my full cv.

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