January 18, 2005

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Cell Phone Shushing Gets Creative


An article on mobile phone manners and people trying to enforce them. by Rachel Metz for Wired News.

It is interesting to me that this is emerging as a newsworthy item in the US right now. In Japan these things were hashed out extensively in the late nineties but now have pretty much died down for voice telephony. Camphones are now the current technology that people are trying to work out social norms and manners for.

Posted by Mizuko Ito at January 18, 2005 10:07 AM

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I recently snapped off a picture of a man with a long, fluffy, immaculately groomed mullett using my pal's camphone at a dive bar in New Britain CT. He knew I was making a spectacle of his outdated coiffure despite my stealth. He didn't seem to mind as we were both having a good time.

What a paradox that he had the same hairdo as 80's rocker Brett Michaels, but at the same time casually recognized such a progressive device!

From my experiences, the camphone has been an easy device for everyone to deal with as a gadget that conveniently documents pleasant situations. People don't usually use it for expressive reasons, nor do they document tragedy with it. Thats not what it's designed for ( I could be wrong about that). The camphone's small screen and pixelated quality is best served for capturing the happy result of people being social.

Its so non-intrusive too. Mobile telephony has introduced such widespread chit-chat, I find myself unwillingly in the middle of other peoples conversations all the time. Ugh! Since the camphone is a quick, silent means of communication, it seems like it has made a smooth entry into the social scenery.

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