October 15, 2004

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Personal, Portable, Pedestrian: Lessons from Japanese Mobile Phone Use


A paper presented atMobile Communication and Social Change, the 2004 International Conference on Mobile Communication in Seoul, Korea, October 18-19, 2004. [pdf]

A very interesting, very international conference. This paper is something of a preview of my book with Daisuke Okabe and Misa Matsuda coming out next year with MIT Press, and reviews some of the issues particular to Japan in mobile phone uptake.

A revised version of this paper has been published in Japan Focus.

Posted by Mizuko Ito at October 15, 2004 6:52 PM

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1- Oliver Chubb

I just read and enjoyed your paper. I own a company that makes mobile applications in japan so thinking about how people use and relate to their phones is something I do a lot of. I have especially been intrigued by the growth in an intense personal identification with the phone as well as what seemes to be a shifting sense of identity - where a person's identity/reality extends into the device or even into the informal communication networks. I was wondering if you know of any other papers in this area. And of course am happy to give my insight in the unlikely case that it ever would be useful.

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