May 12, 2006

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Kids' participation in new media cultures

I recently finished a draft of a paper for a new book on kids and media being edited by Sonia Livingstone and Kirsten Drotner. Ive just posted it here. They had asked me to do a theoretical overview of the issue of kids' engagements with new media, and to provide an international perspective from Japan. It proved to be a much more challenging paper than I expected, an exercise in making explicit many of the theoretical assumptions that have guided my work. Thank goodness for patient editors - I did get something together after several false starts.

This is my first effort to review some of the literature in learning theory, children's media studies and new media studies, and try to place it into a framework of participation and collective imagination. Though the second half of the paper is a presentation of the cases of Japanese media mixes that I have already written about elsewhere, the first half of the paper is an archeology of my theoretical assumptions. I bring together Henry Jenkin's idea of participatory media culture with situated learning theory (eg. Lave and Wenger) and Arjun Appadurai's notion of the imagination as collective social fact. Given the eclectic theoretical terrain, I know that this draft is likely suffering from many omissions and conceptual slips, so I would welcome any feedback either here or over email on how to improve it.

Posted by Mizuko Ito at May 12, 2006 3:10 PM


Dr. Ito,
As a student of the "tell 'em you're going to tell 'em, tell 'em, then tell'em you told them" rhetorical school, and a slow learner, I think adding a paragraph at the end of both the Yugioh and Hamtaro sections, or, alternatively, at the beginning of the Conclusions section, that explicitly iterates in a succinct synopsis sentence or two how the cases illustrate your constructs would be extremely helpful in making your point to folks like me. Otherwise, I like the constructs and learned enormously from the paper.
Michael Carter, MITE

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I am very excited to announce the (soft) launch of MediaSnackers: - a site/weblog/project/call to action for people interested in how young people consume and create media across the globe.

Young people are the new ‘WWW’ generation—snacking whenever, wherever and whatever they like through the multi-channeled and many technological avenues available. Creating as much as they consume—constantly hungry, always ‘on’ and totally self-serving!

Please take the time to have a look at the site, especially the 'report' page which is the weblog, and let me have your views on how to develop and improve.

For those who would like to get involved and want to know more about the opportunities available, then there is a downloadable .pdf available: - would love to explore the possibility of interviewing you for the site?

Please feel free to forward this email to any individuals or organisations who you think would be interested in MediaSnackers and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

MediaSnackers Founder
Tel: +44 07787 535 737
Site / log:

PS - Sorry to post this here but there is no 'contact form' and I know this would get moderated (therefore not published).

Well, this pictures are made by a 12 year old boy!! Imagen us doing this, in our time with our daddy's machine!!
greetings, Oskar

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