November 10, 2006

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Email Outage

My personal email account has been acting up these past few weeks. I'm in the process of fixing the problem, but if you've sent me email and I haven't responded, it is likely that I didn't receive it. My work email accounts at the Annenberg Center and USC seem to be working fine.

Update, Nov 26: My personal email is fixed, and I am getting a steady trickle of old emails from early October or so. My apologies for all the non-responses!

Posted by Mizuko Ito at November 10, 2006 11:20 AM

1- amy fleming

hallo, i edit the food pages of the guardian and would love to publish the pictures on bento blog and do a little interview with you. can you get in touch with me at to discuss further?
many thanks and best wishes

2- Amanda Levido

Hi, I'm a teacher living in Australia who next year is planning on doing research to go towards my masters qualifications. I'm applying for a bursary to conduct this research in an Asian country and as I heard you speak in Brisbane at the ATOM conference last year I was wondering if I could talk to you about the idea of doing this research in Japan. If you could send me your email address I'd really appreciate the opportunity to discuss my idea and also see if you had any suggestions about a university that might consider having me on board. I've looked everywhere for your email address but this is the closet I could come. Thanks for your time, Amanda

3- Raluca Moise

Hello. My name is Raluca Moise and I am an anthropology researcher in Romania. I pursue presently a PhD between two universities - Universite Libre de Bruxelles and University of Bucharest. I am really interested in your researches, mainly because my PhD thesis is all about the social representations and gender uses of SMS in youth culture. I read your book - Personal, Portable, Pedestrian and I wanted to send you an article that represents actually my comparative data between Romanian field and Belgian field. In this purpose I would like to ask you, if possible, to give me an email address, so that I could send you the article.

Thank you for your answer, and wish you all the best. With respects, Raluca Moise

4- anne mcclard

Hi Mimi,

Zoe is writing a paper about the why Anime is important. She would like to interview you. Would you have time this weekend?


PS, I don't have a current email address for you.

5- Sarah Lambert

Dear Professor Ito,

Please allow me to introduce myself as the Assistant Editor working with John Thompson at Polity Press in Cambridge, UK. I hope you won’t mind my writing to you out of the blue in this way, but we wondered whether we might be able to benefit from your expert advice regarding one of our current projects.

One of our authors, Danny Miller, a leading anthropologist of material culture, has written a book on Facebook based on research he carried out in Trinidad. We have a complete draft of the text and would be very pleased if you could possibly look at this for us and comment on the content. There is some urgency with this as the subject matter is very topical, and so we would be very grateful for your advice as soon as possible.

We would be delighted to hear that you are able to help with this project and will be able to offer a modest payment of $120 or 6 Polity paperbacks in appreciation of your advice. I will send some more specific questions in due course.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With my very best wishes,


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