January 27, 2009

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International literature review on new media practices

For the past few months, I have been working with a team of researchers in conducting a literature review of new media uptake in different parts of the world. This work has been part of our work with the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative to understand the ways in which new media is intersecting with young people's everyday learning. Our work thus far has been focused on the U.S. context, but now we are trying to understand how what we have learned relates to developments overseas.

We selected a set of countries where there are interesting developments in new media uptake, but there is relatively little research literature available in English. The literature reviews are broken down by country, with Cara Wallis taking the lead on Chiina, HyeRyoung Ok for Korea, Anke Schwittay for India, Heather Horst for Brazil, Daisuke Okabe and I for Japan, and Araba Sey for Ghana. We will be rolling these out in installments starting today and continuing through March. You can find the posts at our Futures of Learning blog.

Although this literature review was conducted primarily to inform our ongoing research, we are hoping that this will provide a benefit to the broader research community by posting our work publicly. We are also hoping that by doing so we can get some feedback, particularly about literature we missed our gaps in our understanding.

Posted by Mizuko Ito at January 27, 2009 2:33 PM


Dear Prof. Ito,

My name is Ana Waksberg-Guerrini, I am a PhD candidate at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute in Barcelona, a research centre directed by Prof. Manuel Castells, where I have been working on information government themes.

Apart from doing my PhD, I am also collaborating with a bunch of amazing practitioners and researchers in São Paulo, Brazil, at the School of the Future of the University of São Paulo and the WebLab(www.weblab.tk) (Social Inclusion and Community Education Lab). During the past 8 years they have been doing an incredible work in partnership with the State-run telecentres programme in Sao Paulo - the largest of its kind in Latin America - "Acessa São Paulo" (www.acessasp.sp.gov.br).

They are currently finalizing a report based on a broad and detailed survey (www.acessasp.sp.gov.br/ponline/) carried out annually with the telecentres' users and they would like to have *very short interviews* with renowned international scholars and practitioners in the area, who could offer an "outsider" perspective and hence more depth to the study. These reports are seen as a reference for digital inclusion programmes all over Brazil and are meant to serve both policy-makers and scholars.

Based on your post I reckon the data they have may be also extremely useful for your research team, particularly the questions related to new media practices, as they represent 1.5 million telecentre users in São Paulo. Part of the data are made available online for anyone who wishes to explore them further.

I hope you available to give some of your insights based on some of their data regarding new media practices and hopefully we can collaborate with your research as well - we have also a group of researchers working with similar themes and we could definitely help your team find literature on the subject in Brazil.

best regards


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