July 14, 2003

"Ground" by Uta Barth

Barth's work investigates the phenomenon of seeing, making the viewer conscious of the process of looking, aware of vision. In an early series, Ground, Barth focused her camera on unoccupied foregrounds in simple interiors, creating ethereal images of quiet domestic space. Field, is a series comprised of images that explore visual sensations of various light conditions in expansive spaces. In a later untitled series, Barth's use of multiple images, suggesting frames of movement informed by film, examines fleeting human vision captured in early dawn light or misty fogbound fields. In Barth's most recent series, nowhere near and 'and of time, she has worked with her own living space, recording sequences of light as it changes through windows and across walls.
Posted by Scott Fisher at July 14, 2003 12:29 AM
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