July 14, 2003

Stereoscopic phone

Over Christmas (2002), I visited one of Sharp's Research Labs in Makuhari near Tokyo to see their new stereoscopic desktop display that has been in development since the early 90's in the UK (research publication). I was delighted to hear that they had also just released a mobile phone with this same autostereoscopic screen for use with Docomo's service in Japan. It's a Sharp model SH25liS. The screen is based on a parallax barrier technique with a two screen sandwich that allows the 3d to be turned off and on. Some news releases (in Japanese) here and here. The phone also has a built in camera and includes software to convert 2D images to stereo. So far, I've been able to convert images with some success but there turns out to be a much more robust set of conversion tools for use on a PC that can be downloaded here. In related news, Sharp along with four other major Japanese companies have collaborated to form The 3D Consortium, to encourage the growth and development of a market for 3D applications and products.


Posted by Scott Fisher at July 14, 2003 4:30 AM
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